Reexamining Data from the Past Related to the Evolution of the Functional Properties of the Haemoglobins of the Teleost Fish

  • Robert W. Noble
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The beautiful work of Berenbrink and his coworkers (2005) has renewed interest in the relationships among the evolution of the Root effect and of the choroid and swimbladder retia. Their work has confirmed, and gone well beyond earlier indications, that the Root effect appeared in evolution in conjunction with the choroid rete, and that the swimbladder rete was a later development that look advantage of the previously developed Root effect. However, it is important to note that evolution of the Root effect appears to have continued after its application to filling swimbladders using a rete. The ligand affinities of the minimum affinity states of the haemoglobins of abyssal fish, which have swimbladders, correlate with the depth of habitat. The minimum ligand affinity decreases as habitat depth increases, consistent with an adaptation to facilitate the unloading of oxygen at ever higher partial pressures.


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