Biliary Ileus

  • Benoit Navez
  • Hwai-Ding Lam
  • Jean-François Gigot


Gallstone ileus (also known as biliary ileus), a rare complication of cholelithiasis, is defined as a mechanical intestinal obstruction due to a gallstone lodging in the intestinal lumen. This entity was first described by the Danish physician Thomas Bartholin in 1654 during an autopsy [1]. The average age of occurrence is about 70 years old. The youngest case reported was a 13 year old patient and the eldest patient was 97 years old [2]. About 85% of patients are women. Gallstone ileus accounts for 1–2% of all causes of mechanical intestinal obstruction but should be always considered whenever small bowel obstruction is encountered in an elderly patient [3].


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