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Italian Grid Infrastructures

  • Enzo Miccio
Conference paper


A Grid infrastructure is a set of standard network services and protocols upon a physical layer made by computational and storage resources, suitably organized in order to get these resources accessible and sharable. Here we give a brief description of computational infrastructures of the Italian Grid. We will start with a historical perspective, looking at present and future projects. We will then focus mainly with the production Grid intended for the upcoming start of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment at CERN.


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  1. 1.
    INFN Grid homepage: http://grid.infn.it A brief history: http://grid.infn.it/modules/IG_history/Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    CERN LCG page: http://lcg.web.cern.ch/LCG/ LCG Technical Design Report: http://lcg.web.cern.ch/LCG/tdr/ INFN LCG page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=4Google Scholar
  3. 3.
    Grid.it project homepage: http://www.grid.it/ Grid.it production Grid operations portal: http://grid-it.cnaf.infn.it/ INFN Grid.it page http://grid.infn.it/modules/italian/index.php?pagenum=2Google Scholar
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    CERN DataGrid page: http://cern.ch/eu-datagrid CNR DataGrid page: http://web.datagrid.cnr.it/pls/portal30/PORTAL30.homeGoogle Scholar
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    EGEE homepage: http://www.eu-egee.org/ A brief history: http://public.eu-egee.org/intro/ INFN EGEE page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=3Google Scholar
  6. 6.
    MIUR: http://www.miur.it/ FIRB: http://firb.miur.it/Google Scholar
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    OMII-Europe homepage: http://omii-europe.org/OMII-Europe/ INFN OMII page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=5Google Scholar
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    EUMedGrid homepage: http://www.eumedgrid.org/ INFN EUMedGrid page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=7 Eu-IndiaGrid homepage: http://www.euindiagrid.eu/ INFN Eu-IndiaGrid page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=10 EUChinaGrid homepage: http://www.euchinagrid.org/ INFN EUChinaGrid page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=6Google Scholar
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    GRIDCC homepage: http://www.gridcc.org/ INFN GRIDCC page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=13Google Scholar
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    BioinfoGRID homepage: http://www.bioinfogrid.eu/ INFN BioinfoGRID page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=9Google Scholar
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    LIBi homepage: http://www.libi.it/ INFN LIBi page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/italian/index.php?pagenum=4Google Scholar
  12. 12.
    Cyclops homepage: http://www.cyclops-project.eu/ INFN Cyclops page: http://grid.infn.it/modules/international/index.php?pagenum=11Google Scholar
  13. 13.
    CERN LCG page: http://lcg.web.cern.ch/LCG/activities/middleware.htmlGoogle Scholar
  14. 14.
    CERN gLite page: http://glite.web.cern.ch/glite/ gLite user guide: https://edms.cern.ch/document/722398/Google Scholar
  15. 15.
    EGEE JRA1 Activity page: http://egee-jra1.web.cern.ch/egee-jra1/Google Scholar
  16. 16.
    EGEE SA1 Activity page: http://egee-sa1.web.cern.ch/egee-sa1/ INFN SA1 description page: http://grid-it.cnaf.infn.it/index.php?egee&type=1Google Scholar
  17. 17.
    EGEE SA3 Activity page: http://egee-sa3.web.cern.ch/egee-sa3/Google Scholar
  18. 18.
    CERN twiki EIS page: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/ LCGExperimentIntergrationandSupportGoogle Scholar

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  • Enzo Miccio
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