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The Lyman-α Forest as a Probe of the Coldness of Dark Matter

  • Matteo Viel
Conference paper


We present new constraints on the mass of warm dark matter (WDM) particles derived from the Lyman-α flux power spectrum of 55 high-resolution Lyman-α forest spectra at 2.0 < z < 6.4 obtained with the HIRES spectrograph at the Keck telescope. From the HIRES spectra alone, we obtain a lower limit of m WDM ≳ 1.2 keV (2σ) if the WDM consists of early decoupled thermal relics and m WDM ≳ 5.6 keV (2σ) for sterile neutrinos. This result improves the previous constraints from high-resolution spectra at lower redshift by a factor two. Adding the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Lyman-α flux power spectrum at 2.2 < z < 4.2 from a large sample of low resolution spectra we get m WDM ≳ 4 keV and m WDM ≳ 28 keV (2σ) for thermal relics and sterile neutrinos, respectively. This is also a factor two improvement compared to previous combined analysis of high and low-resolution data. The small scale matter power spectrum probed by the high-resolution high-redshift HIRES data is instrumental for this improvement.


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  • Matteo Viel
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  1. 1.INAFOsservatorio Astronomico di TriesteTriesteItaly
  2. 2.INFNNational Institute for Nuclear PhysicsTriesteItaly

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