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New Physics in the Top Sector at LHC

  • Leonardo Benucci
Conference paper


Since its discovery, the top quark has appeared to be a very special object. It is distinguished by its large mass (∼ 170GeV/c 2), that is intriguingly close to the scale of EW symmetry breaking, and a Yukawa coupling surprisingly close to one Open image in new window . Are these only accidents? Is the top mass generated by the Higgs mechanism as the SM predicts, or does it play a more fundamental role in the EWSB? How new physics could affect the top quark properties? Next generation colliders will certainly contribute to solve these questions.


Anomalous Coupling Semileptonic Channel High Luminosity Phase 
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  • Leonardo Benucci
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  1. 1.INFN Sez. di PisaUniversità di PisaPisa

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