Anaesthesiological Aspects in the Abdominal-Wall Surgery

  • Fernando Chiumiento
  • Maria Luisa De Prisco
  • Antonello Rago
  • Rosalia Sicilia
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Appropriate perioperative protocols, correct patient evaluation, and knowledge of related, surgically induced physiopathological problems, including disturbances of cardiac and respiratory homeostasis as well as acid-base balance, are essential in abdominal-wall surgery. Moreover, both the surgical technique (laparotomic or laparoscopic) and the surgical site (above or below the navel) must be taken into consideration as these can induce important respiratory and cardiovascular modifications.


Cardiac Output Laparoscopic Surgery Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Mean Arterial Blood Pressure Intraabdominal Pressure 
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  • Fernando Chiumiento
  • Maria Luisa De Prisco
  • Antonello Rago
  • Rosalia Sicilia

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