The Anatomical Structures of Abdominal-Wall Continence

  • Francesco Ruotolo
  • Massimo La Pinta
  • Luca Salvatore Gallinaro
  • Marco Di Giovan Paolo
  • Flavio Forte
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The study of the structures involved in the maintenance of abdominal-wall continence includes not only anatomical but also functional aspects that are closely linked, since the anatomical description is the key to a functional interpretation (Fig. 1).


Rectus Sheath External Iliac Artery Inguinal Canal Abdominis Muscle Rectus Abdominis Muscle 
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  • Francesco Ruotolo
  • Massimo La Pinta
  • Luca Salvatore Gallinaro
  • Marco Di Giovan Paolo
  • Flavio Forte

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