Giant Abdominal Wall Defects

  • Gianfranco Francioni
  • Vittorio Corso
  • Matteo Montesi
  • Massimiliano Todaro
  • Luigi Veneroni
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The term “giant abdominal wall defects” effectively describes many clinical aspects that are characterised by a large ventral hernia associated with many difficult clinical situations [1]. The definition, the diagnosis, and the surgical technique are not standardised; rather, every clinical situation is unique, and the surgeon needs to plan the surgical treatment and select the best technique for each case.


Ventral Hernia Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Open Abdomen Fascial Closure Vacuum Assisted Closure 
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  • Gianfranco Francioni
  • Vittorio Corso
  • Matteo Montesi
  • Massimiliano Todaro
  • Luigi Veneroni

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