The First Routes of the New Discipline


As discussed in the previous chapter, the lines of further refinement and elaboration, within the logic of an integral re-establishment and unified approach, are the following:
  • to elaborate and strengthen the unitary procedure scheme in the preparation of plans, with the relative indication of the phenomena (variables) to be quantified in the various phases of preparation of a typical integrated plan;

  • to strengthen and define schemes of the systemic inter-relationship between the various levels of planning and thus of the various plans;

  • to design institutional procedures (and relative institutions) for plan bargaining at all levels; as well as to design consultation systems of the opinions and preferences of the participants interested in the plan;

  • to design (and manage) suitable information systems that correspond to the preselected variables and to the accounting systems instituted, (according to the previous points);

  • to design monitoring and evaluation systems of the operational capacity of the plans, and of a periodical review and updating of the same.


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