Cardiovascular Risk Management: An Overview

  • Andrea Boni
  • Roberto Lorenzoni
  • Mauro Lazzari
  • Cristina Gemignani
  • Francesco Bovenzi


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of mortality and is responsible for one-third of all global deaths annually. This translates into the deaths of 17 million people each year [1, 2]. Despite research-based gains in the treatment of CVDs, they remain the leading killer in the USA and in most developed areas of the world. Coronary heart disease (CHD) accounts for the majority of CVD deaths, disproportionately afflicts racial and ethnic minorities, and is a prime target for prevention. Hypertension is the most prevalent CVD, affecting at least 600 million people, and is an important contributor to cardiovascular mortality and morbidity [3]. Nearly 85% of the global mortality and disease burden from CVD is borne by low- and middle-income countries.


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  • Mauro Lazzari
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  • Cristina Gemignani
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