Introduction to Quantum Physics

  • Carlo Maria Becchi
  • Massimo D’Elia
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The gestation of Quantum Physics has been very long and its phenomenological foundations were various. Historically the original idea came from the analysis of the black body spectrum. This is not surprising since the black body, in fact an oven in thermal equilibrium with the electromagnetic radiation, is a simple and fundamental system once the law of electrodynamics are established. As a matter of fact many properties of the spectrum can be deduced starting from the general laws of electrodynamics and thermodynamics; the crisis came from the violation of energy equipartition. This suggested to Planck the idea of quantum, from which everything originated. Of course a long sequence of different phenomenological evidences, first of all the photoelectric effect, the line nature of atomic spectra, the Compton effect and so on, gave a compelling evidence for the new theory.


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