Radial Head Replacement with a Pyrocarbon Head Prosthesis: Preliminary Results of a Multicentric Prespective Study

  • Yves Allieu
  • Matthias Winter
  • Jean-Pierre Pequignot
  • Philippe de Mourgues


The treatment options for radial head fractures are conservative treatment, open reduction and internal fixation, radial head excision, and radial head prosthesis. The importance of the radial head in elbow biomechanics is now well known. The radial head is of prime importance for the elbow stability, especially when radial head fractures are associated with elbow dislocation. Consequently according to all of the extent reports, the radial head must be conserved and its excision is contraindicated when there is elbow instability.


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  • Matthias Winter
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  • Jean-Pierre Pequignot
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  • Philippe de Mourgues
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