The Left Ventricle Long-Axis View


This projection lies on an intermediate plane, between the transverse and sagittal plane of the fetal body, in a plane that runs from the left hypochondrium to the right shoulder. The standard long-axis view passes through the long axis of the left ventricle, hence its name. It is obtained by rotating the transducer 90° from the apical four-chamber view and tilting it toward the right shoulder (Fig. 19.1). In the fetus, where the proximal ribs and part of the sternum are not ossified, this view can be obtained even from the anterior part of the chest.
Fig. 19.1

Section plane of the long-axis view of the left ventricle is shown on the fetal body (a) and a heart diagram (b). The image of the fetal body shows how the section plane is oriented from the left hypochondrium to the right upper part of the chest. AOV aortic valve, MV mitral valve, PV pulmonary valve, TV tricuspid valve


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