Special Considerations on the Arterial Duct and Aortic Arch Views


Visualization of the long-axis views of the aorta and arterial duct is facilitated in the fetus if one refers to a transverse section of the upper mediastinum as the starting point. For instance, the long-axis view of the aortic arch is obtained from the transverse view of the fetal thorax by rotating the scan plane 90° when the ascending and the descending aorta are aligned with the ultrasound-beam axis. In the normal fetus in ventral presentation, this alignment is obtained by placing the transducer on the right parasternal area (Fig.16.1).
Fig. 16.1

Diagram illustrating the arterial duct transverse view with the fetus in ventral presentation (a). Right parasternal probe position is necessary to align the ascending and descending aorta with the ultrasound-beam axis. By rotating the probe 90°, the aortic arch long-axis view is obtained (b). AAO ascending aorta, DAO descending aorta, RPA right pulmonary artery


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