Ultrasonography and therapy monitoring

  • Fabio Martino
  • Enzo Silvestri
  • Walter Grassi
  • Giacomo Garlaschi
  • Emilio Filippucci
  • Gary Meenagh


US permits accurate and reliable assessment of soft tissue involvement in rheumatic disease [3]–[3].Highresolution US with power Doppler equipment can detect even minimal morphostructural and perfusional changes within soft tissues [4]–[14], and may offer additional information for disease activity monitoring [15]–[24] (Figs. 6.1-6.6).


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  1. 1.Giovanni XXIII-Policlinico HospitalBariItaly
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  4. 4.University of GenoaItaly
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  6. 6.Musgrave Park HospitalBelfastUK

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