Sonographic and power Doppler semeiotics in musculoskeletal disorders

  • Fabio Martino
  • Enzo Silvestri
  • Walter Grassi
  • Giacomo Garlaschi
  • Emilio Filippucci
  • Carlo Martinoli
  • Gary Meenagh


Sonography has great potential for the non-invasive study of hyaline cartilage, as it can depict microscopic lesions to be demonstrated with a high spatial resolution. The main limit to the sonographic study of articular cartilage is the relatively limited dimensions of acoustic windows available for the visualization of the cartilage surfaces. The most frequent errors in the study of cartilage, especially at knee level, are linked to incorrect examination. The most frequent artifacts come out in suprapatellar panoramic views, as the cartilage profile of the femoral trochlea is not perpendicular to the direction of the US beam. An apparent loss in sharpness of the chondro-synovial margin of the cartilage and an apparent reduction or increase of the cartilage thickness are the main artifacts caused by incorrect technique [2].


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