Equipment and examination technique

  • Fabio Martino
  • Enzo Silvestri
  • Walter Grassi
  • Giacomo Garlaschi
  • Marco Falchi
  • Alessandro Muda


Ultrasound (US) is one of the best imaging techniques in musculoskeletal radiology because it is low in cost, has high spatial resolution, wide availability in hospitals, is well-tolerated by patients and is not biologically invasive, as it uses sound waves and non ionizing radiation, as in conventional radiology or computed tomography (CT). These features make ultrasound the ideal technique for the diagnosis and follow up of many pathologies and rheumatic syndromes and for the evaluation of the effects of therapy


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  • Walter Grassi
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  • Giacomo Garlaschi
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  • Alessandro Muda
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  2. 2.Department of RadiologySan Martino HospitalGenoaItaly
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  4. 4.University of GenoaItaly
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  6. 6.Department of RadiologySan Martino HospitalGenoaItaly

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