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Recent jet measurements at the Tevatron

  • Sofia Vallecorsa
Conference paper


The Run II physics program started at the Tevatron in spring 2001, introducing a new level of QCD precision measurement at hadron colliders. The higher center-of-mass energy (\( \sqrt s \) = 1.96TeV compared to Run I \( \sqrt s \) = 1.8TeV) corresponds to a larger jet production rate, which together with an improved acceptance of CDF [1] and D0 [2] detectors enables stringent tests to pQCD over a wide range in jet energy and rapidity. More than 1 fb−1 of data is already available to analysis: in this contribution some new jet physics measurements are described focusing on high pt jet inclusive production, multi jets final states in association to weak bosons (W and Z) and heavy flavor jet production.


Weak Boson Inclusive Cross Section Measurement Parton Shower Prediction Extended Rapidity Range 
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  • Sofia Vallecorsa
    • 1
  1. 1.University of GenevaGeneva

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