Econophys-Kolkata II Workshop Summary

  • J. Barkley RosserJr.
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Rather than a summary, these remarks should be viewed as an extension of ideas presented in my paper in this Workshop. In my paper I discussed the emergence of econophysics out of the past evolution of the relationship between economics and physics. In discussing the current status of econophysics in its relationship with economics, I introduced the distinctions between orthodoxy, mainstream, and heterodoxy in economics, with the first being a largely intellectually defined category, the second a largely sociologically defined category, and the third involving both intellectual and sociological elements in its opposition to the first two simultaneously. I then suggested that in its current state econophysics is more of the third category, heterodox, than of the first two in its status within economics. I also suggested that a fully successful move into the mainstream could lead to its ideas becoming part of a new orthodoxy, which could ironically lead to its disappearance as a distinct entity.


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