A real onsite handy reading gadget for the sightless

  • Amit Kumar Pathak
  • D. R. Mehta


While there are many existing solutions that assist individuals who are blind with accessing print such as Braille books, refreshable Braille devices, audio recordings, screen readers, and text scanners; none of these provide a reading experience that parallels the ease with which sighted persons access print. For example, these currently available technologies don’t allow the user to take a book from the shelf, peruse the table of contents, and then fl ip through the pages of a book to find the desired page. Aside from Braille and DAISY books, the user even finds it awkward to re-read difficult passages in a book, as is often necessary when studying a textbook or a reference book. The goal of the onsite-Reader project is to allow the readers who are blind or visually impaired to do all of these things.


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