Remote monitoring and controlling of agriculture systems through wireless embedded system

  • Shinde Sunita Sunil
  • Patil Ravindra Tanaji
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As we know today everyone is facing electric loadshedding problem. This effect is more serious to industrial and agricultural sector. This tends to financial loss. We know our country is an agriculture-oriented country. About 70 percent of the people of India are still rooted in agriculture and related Sectors. According to the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) estimates, annual Economic surveys of the Union Government is that the decline in public investment in the Agricultural sector had arisen mainly because of the diversion of resources from creation of assets (Irrigation capacity, water management, rural infrastructure) into subsidies of various kinds-foods, fertilizers, water, power and so forth. Along with this, the person works day and night for our country, and us who is he? He is a farmer. The farmer works in his field facing with electricity problems (Load Shedding), Water management problem, etc that directly affects on the farm production and economy. Due to load shedding, farmers has to go at mid-night also. They are unable to take rest and so many financially bad things. These are harmful to his life. Now, what can we do for him? It is our responsibility to help the farmers by providing some technical facilities, which will be very helpful for farmer as well as changing lifestyle of farmers.


Remote Monitoring Water Management Problem Signal Conditioning Circuit Rain Gauge Measure Microcontroller Unit 
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  • Patil Ravindra Tanaji
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