PDSRS: An attribute based approach for multimedia data storage and retrieval

  • Sonali Ajankar
  • Sanjay Nalbalwar
  • Z. A. Usmani
Conference paper


Multimedia information and its databases are becoming an essential element for computer and telecommunication consideration in today’s world. Application areas in which attribute-based storage and retrieval is becoming a principal activity are among others, TV productions, video on demand, home entertainment, art galleries and museum management, architectural and engineering design, geographic information systems, finger print and image matching, find out citizenship by election card detail and so on. Other applications are related to the development of information superhighways. When the bandwidth needed for interactive multimedia will be available at home, each user could access a remote server containing very large image and video databases. In this scenario attribute-based storage and retrieval assumes a fundamental role. Also Multimedia Information Systems [7] can benefit of attribute-based retrieval technology; although they will mainly provide techniques to manage and distribute large amounts of multi-source multimedia information, automatic storage by attributes of images and data.


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  • Sonali Ajankar
    • 1
  • Sanjay Nalbalwar
    • 2
  • Z. A. Usmani
    • 3
  1. 1.M. H. Saboo Siddik College of EnggMumbai (M.S)India
  2. 2.Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological UniversityRaigad (M.S)India
  3. 3.M. H. S. S. College of EnggMumbai (M.S)India

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