The Self, the Nation and the World Beyond It: Reading Tagore’s Travel Writings

  • Bhaskar Chakrabarty


Some of Tagore’s travel writings carried the imprints of the poet’s visions of historical progression and nationalism. Tagore’s Europe Provasir Patra (Letters of a migrant from Europe) or Europe Yatrir Diary (The diary of a traveller to Europe) contained a comparison between what he saw as a dynamic Western culture and a relatively static east. Accompanied by Suniti Chatterjee who described Southeast Asia as ‘island India’, Tagore’s search for the footprints of ‘our’ ancestors had given the travel piece a distinct historical cast. Tagore’s pilgrimage to Southeast Asia requires to be placed in the larger backdrop of the research activity of the Greater India Society in Calcutta.


Western modernity East–West encounter Southeast Asia Persian culture Brahminical sculptures 


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