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Les Espaces des Paths Généralisés Qu’on Peut Associer Avec Un Espace de Finsler

  • Note de M. Damodar Kosambi
  • présentée par M. Élie Cartan


This is one of four papers DDK published in Comptes Rendus, of five that appear to have been originally written in French. The other paper was in Rendiconti della Reale Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. DDK’s French connection appears to have been particularly strong, doubtless reinforced by André Weil who remained in contact with Kosambi till late in the 1950’s. The geometric methods introduced in the KCC theory have some similarity to the study of geodesics in a Finsler space, and Kosambi pursued these analogies extensively in his series of papers on path spaces.


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  • Note de M. Damodar Kosambi
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  • présentée par M. Élie Cartan
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