Trigate FETs and FINFETs

  • Vinod Kumar Khanna
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The ever-increasing leakage current with every successive generation of MOSFET urged the researchers to look for a revolutionary change in device architecture. The changeover to SOI-MOSFET, particularly the FD-SOI-MOSFET , succeeded to a large extent in meeting the challenges without any fundamental modification of the structure. Alternative choices proposed were trigate FET and FINFET structures, which marked the end of planar era and entailed a radical change from a planar device to a three-dimensional shape for rejuvenating the IC industry. This chapter explains how wrapping the gate insulator around the body region of a MOSFET is an effective way of increasing the capability of the gate to mitigate the various encumbrances faced with short-channel devices. A comparative study of FINFETs fabricated on SOI wafers and bulk silicon wafers is presented. The neck-to-neck battle between FINFET and FD-SOI-MOSFET to clinch the supreme position is described by pointing out their relative beneficial aspects and downsides.


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