Optic Disc Pit

  • Edmund Y. M. Wong
  • Vicky H. J. Lu


Optic disc pit is a rare congenital anomaly first described in 1882 by Wiethe (1882). It is reported to have an incidence of 1 in 11,000 seen in an ophthalmic setting (Krivoy et al. 1996) and is unilateral in the majority of cases (Greear 1942; Lincoff et al. 1993) with no gender predilection. It is characterized by an excavation within the optic disc (Fig. 23.1). It is considered part of the spectrum of congenial disc anomalies with morning glory anomaly, juxtapapillary staphyloma and optic disc coloboma (Gass 1987) which are associated with juxtapapillary and macula retinopathy.


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