Chi-Square Based Mobile Radio Propagation Model Analysis and Validation

  • Lavanya VaddaEmail author
  • G. Sasibhushana Rao
  • L. Ganesh
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In urban and semi-urban areas, the ever increasing population is creating high raised structures and increasing tele-density. It is becoming difficult for the mobile network providers to offer quality service to the mobile user. One of the main reasons causing degradation in signal quality is multipath propagation. Because of this, the Received Signal Strength (RSS) may be either reduced or completely attenuated at the receiver. So modelling and characterisation of the channel is necessary. If there is no line-of-sight signal component from transmitting station to the receiver, then the envelop of the received signal can be statistically described by Rayleigh distribution. In this paper, real time mobile RSS in terms of power (in dBm) is recorded, analysed and its quality is tested using theoretical Rayleigh distribution and also validated using Chi-square fitness-of good test.


Multipath Received signal strength Rayleigh distribution Chi-square goodness of fit test 


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  2. 2.Department of ECEANITS College of EngineeringVisakhapatnamIndia

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