Biohydrogen Production from Agricultural Biomass and Organic Wastes

  • Nicholas E. KorresEmail author
  • Jason K. Norsworthy


With increasing demand for energy, depleting primary energy sources (i.e., coal and oil), and deteriorating environment, the efficient use and conservation of existing resources along with the production of energy from alternative nonconventional sources such as biomass have become essential. Hydrogen is a clean energy form with no emissions that can be used for generation of electricity or as fuel for transportation purposes. The production of hydrogen from lignocellulosic biomass or biohydrogen is a very promising energy form, and its role as an energy carrier in the future energy market is considered of major importance. Biohydrogen production from organic sources such as energy crops, agricultural residues, or organic waste seems very promising as it fulfills the basic sustainability criteria compared to conventional energy type. The technology for biomass conversion to biohydrogen has advanced in recent years and ensures relatively high volumes of production. Nevertheless, the production of biohydrogen shows a wide variation which can be largely explained by differences in substrate characteristics and operational conditions. Hence, attention needs to focus on sustainability issues concerning the production of the biomass, the standardization of the operational parameters, and the logistics of biohydrogen cycle production.


Municipal Solid Waste Anaerobic Digestion Hydrogen Production Panicum Virgatum Sweet Sorghum 
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