Preventing and Managing Postoperative Complications in DMEK Surgery

  • Christopher S. Sáles
  • Zach M. Mayko
  • Mark A. Terry
  • Michael D. Straiko


At its crux, what makes DMEK surgery so wonderful for patients is also what makes it challenging for surgeons – the tissue. DMEK tissue provides rapid visual recovery, superb quality of vision, and reduced risk of rejection because it has no stroma. Yet, the absence of stroma is also what makes the tissue curl into a fragile scroll that is difficult for the DMEK surgeon to see and manipulate.


Anterior Chamber Slit Lamp Corneal Edema Visual Recovery Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography 
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  • Zach M. Mayko
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  • Mark A. Terry
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  • Michael D. Straiko
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