An Overview of Globally Available Bioformulations

  • Samina Mehnaz


As the awareness about the environment is increasing among the public, the use of chemicals for the food production is scaring them. They are becoming more interested in organic food. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are in regular use throughout the world, to increase the yield and to keep the plants and their products safe from diseases. These chemicals have their advantages and disadvantages. However, nowadays, environmentalists, researchers, and the public are looking more critically at disadvantages. Fortunately, now we have options for replacing or at least minimizing the use of these chemicals. These alternatives are the bioformulations containing living microbes such as bacteria and fungi. These are commercially available all over the world as biofertilizers and biopesticides/biofungicides. These can be used alone or in combination of chemical fertilizers. This article is a review of globally available bioformulations which are “in use” in different parts of the world as well as those which are under the process of commercialization.


Chemical Fertilizer Drip Irrigation Foliar Spray Trichoderma Viride Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans 
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