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Pseudococcus maritumus (Ehrhorn) is a problem on apricot in the USA (Anonymous 1980). Phenacoccus mespili (Sign.) is known to be a pest of apricot in the Azerbaijan SSR, USSR (Ibadova 1985). Phenacoccus aceris (Signoret) is also known to attack all deciduous fruit and nut trees, including apricots in Nearctic and Palaearctic regions (Ben-Dov 1994). Ferrisia virgata (Cockerell) is also known to attack apricots in Egypt. Mealybugs are injurious to apricot in USA, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR, Egypt, etc. The damage caused to apricot is due to excretion of honeydew by Pseudococcus maritumus. Colonies are formed in the depression around the stem end of the fruits and honeydew produced run over sides of apricot. The black smut fungus which grows in the honeydew gives the fruit an unsightly appearance. In addition, the honeydew gives the fruit a reddish tint. As apricots are picked relatively ripe, it is not possible to remove the honeydew by the normal washing procedure. The fruit is not suitable for fresh shipment and processors of unpeeled halves consider the contaminated fruit as culls. Treatments timed to the spring emergence of crawlers were effective and were preferred to fall or winter sprays. Diazinon was found to be effective against the mealybug on apricot.


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