Planar Crossover Using Microstrip Patch Antenna for Beamforming Networks

  • Mirav MehtaEmail author
  • K. A. Naveen
  • Vishnu Rajan
  • Rahul R. Pillai
  • Sreedevi K. Menon
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 394)


In this paper, a simple planar design for a symmetric four-port crossover is presented. The proposed crossover is derived from a microstrip patch antenna with a set of two orthogonal feeds. Electrical length of the microstrip patch antenna is increased by incorporating slots achieving a frequency shift to the lower side. The slot in the patch antenna is derived from fractal geometry, which allows three stages of iteration. Isolation better than −15 dB and transmission ~0 dB is observed in the frequency range of interest. The proposed crossover is a potential candidate for Butler matrix in beamforming applications.


Crossover Microstrip components Sierpinski carpet Four port devices Butler matrix Beamforming 



The project is partially funded by a grant from Information Technology Research Agency (ITRA)-Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), Government of India.


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  • Mirav Mehta
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  • K. A. Naveen
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  • Vishnu Rajan
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  • Rahul R. Pillai
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  • Sreedevi K. Menon
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  1. 1.Amrita Vishwa VidyapeethamAmritapuriIndia

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