Melanoma of the Extremity

  • Suvro Ganguly
  • Diptendra K. Sarkar


Ulcers of the foot have evolved as a subspecialty in itself. Though benign conditions comprise of the major causes, malignant ulcers are not at all a rare entity. Melanomas are defined as malignant neoplasms arising from the melanin-producing melanocytes of the skin (originally developed from the neural crests). Malignant melanoma is one of the most common malignant ulcers affecting the extremities in all age groups. Statistics from the Indian subcontinent is a scarcity, but in the United States, the annual incidence is close to 75,000 new cases per year with approximately 9000 deaths per year [1]. A surprising fact remains that females are mostly predisposed to melanomas of the extremities.


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