Vasculitis and Ulceration

  • Pinjala Ramakrishna


Vasculitis accounts for the presence of lower-extremity ulcers in 20 % of the patients. Inflammation associated with vasculitis compromises or destroys the vessel wall leading to local hemorrhagic or ischemic events. Skin biopsies are gold standard for the diagnosis of cutaneous vasculitis. The morphology depends on the size of the vessel and extent of the vascular bed affected. The treatment depends on the type, nature, and severity of the vasculitis. These ulcers are resistant to conventional therapies. Immune modulation therapy plays an important role along with the standard wound care measures in healing the ulcers.


Giant Cell Arteritis Hemorrhagic Cystitis Cutaneous Vasculitis Palpable Purpura Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis 
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