Benign Strictures of Anorectum

  • P. N. Joshi
  • C. Kale


Nondistensible narrowing of the anal canal is known as anal stenosis. In low strictures the normal upside-down funnel-shaped configuration gets reversed with the diameter of the anal canal being greater than that of the anal verge. The stricture may be a true anatomic one or functional secondary to muscle spasm. Rectal stricture is a chronic narrowing of the rectum leading to obstruction to the passage of feces and making one not able to pass a 12 mm cope. Acute strictures are dynamic and reversible, while chronic strictures are adynamic and irreversible. These strictures are classified on the basis of level (upper, middle, lower, or diffuse), structure (annular, diaphragmatic, or tubular), and severity (mild which allows well-lubricated index finger, moderate which allows index finger with difficulty and force, or severe when there is resistance even to little finger).


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