Biology, Epidemiology, Resistance Genes, and Management of Soybean Mosaic Virus in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

  • Rajkumar Ramteke
  • G. K. Gupta
  • S. K. Sharma


Soybean is occupying the number one position among oilseeds not only in the whole world but also in India. Currently, area, production, and yield in the world are 108.16 mha, 268.02 mt, and 2.48 t/ha, and in India, it is 10.8 mha, 11.5 mt, and 1.06 t/ha, respectively (USDA 2013). Many pathogens inflict a huge yield loss in soybean, and the contribution of soybean mosaic virus (SMV) to this loss is substantial. According to the latest report (Wrather et al. 2010), a loss of 59.9 million metric tons was estimated in the 2006 harvest of soybeans in the top eight soybean-producing countries. Virus diseases caused a loss of 2.12 metric tons, out of which soybean mosaic virus was one of the major contributors. Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) is distributed worldwide and is one of the most important diseases of soybeans in many areas of the world (Sinclair and Shurtleff 1975) and has been reported wherever soybean is grown (Thottapilly and Rossel 1987; Giesler et al. 2002; Hill et al. 2007). SMV is recognized as a long-standing threat to the soybean industry. In India the disease is known to occur throughout the country (Gupta and Chauhan 2005).


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