Linear Systems

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This chapter deals with linear systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), both homogeneous and nonhomogeneous equations. Linear systems are extremely useful for analyzing nonlinear systems. The main emphasis is given for finding solutions of linear systems with constant coefficients so that the solution methods could be extended to higher dimensional systems easily. The well-known methods such as eigenvalue–eigenvector method and the fundamental matrix method have been described in detail. The properties of fundamental matrix, the fundamental theorem, and important properties of exponential matrix function are given in this chapter. It is important to note that the set of all solutions of a linear system forms a vector space. The eigenvectors constitute the solution space of the linear system. The general solution procedure for linear systems using fundamental matrix, the concept of generalized eigenvector, solutions of multiple eigenvalues, both real and complex, are discussed.


Exponential Matrix Function Fundamental Matrix Method Eigenvalue-eigenvector Method General Solution Procedure Nonhomogeneous Linear System 
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