Policy Implications of the Main Findings of the Study

  • Keya Sengupta


Health has been accepted as an important determinant of economic development which is evident from numerous empirical works on the subject. This is true both for the developed and the less developed countries. Good health can save scarce resources, which is particularly crucial from the point of view of development for the poor countries. Good health is also an important determinant of regular and good education, good income, higher productivity and higher national growth. Planning for good health is an integral part of overall national planning. Good health status therefore increases both the quality and the quantity in terms of both the number of workforce and the number of hours of work put in by the workers. Investment in health sector cannot be ignored either by any developed or underdeveloped nation. Development economics assigns the responsibilities of the health sector to the state, so that the minimum requisite health standard can be assured even to the deprived and poverty-stricken people of the country.


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