Managed Services: A Case of Business Process Transformation?

  • Chitra Sharma
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Managed services is a form of outsourcing, which allows the operator (service provider) to free themselves from the operational running of networks, thus enabling them to focus on tactical and strategic aspects. The radical speed of change in business and technology, coupled with the demands of the customer, makes managed services very useful for operators. In this chapter, “managed services in telecom” is evaluated for a fictitious telecom operator TX, to establish if managed services is a case of business process transformation. The telecom industry is used here as an example; however, managed services is applicable across industries, ranging from hospitality to automobiles.

Managed services has moved on from the traditional “client-vendor” relationship to the now “thought and technical” level partnership with the managed service provider (MSP)/vendor. This shift results in differentiating, innovative, and revenue-generating offerings to the end customer.


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