Magnesium (Mg) Uptake

  • Gyanendra Nath Mitra


Magnesium (Mg2+) is the most abundant free divalent cation in the cytosol of the plants. The free Mg2+ level in the cytosol is strictly regulated due to its role in photosynthesis and on membrane ionic currents. About 90 % of Mg2+ is complexed with cytoplasmic ATP.

Mg2+ acts as cofactor of many enzymes, such as RNA polymerase, ATPases, protein kinases, phosphatases, carboxylases and glutathione synthetase. It is required for aggregation of ribosomes and is the central atom of chlorophyll molecule. The proteins involved in transport of Mg2+ across biological membranes have unique structures. Al3+ tolerance of plants could be improved by upregulation of genes of AtMGT family.


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