Molybdenum (Mo) Uptake

  • Gyanendra Nath Mitra


All forms of life contain molybdenum enzymes, which are involved in global cycling of C, S and N. Molybdenum (Mo) is taken up by plants as molybdate (MoO4 2−), which is then used for synthesis of pterin-based Mo cofactor (Moco). All Mo enzymes are activated by Moco except nitrogenase. The Moco-containing enzymes found so far in plants consist of (1) nitrate reductase, NR; (2) sulphite oxidase, SO; (3) xanthine dehydrogenase, XDH; and (4) aldehyde oxidase. A member of group 5 sulphate transporter, Sultr 5;2 is probably an intracellular transporter involved in Mo metabolism in Arabidopsis and is named as MOT1. MOT1 is specific for Mo and allows plant to take up Mo from the scarce resource of Mo in soil.


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