Iron (Fe) Uptake

  • Gyanendra Nath Mitra


At the normal pH range of arable soils, available Fe is not enough to meet plant requirement. Deficiency of Fe occurs less in acid soils than calcareous soils with higher pH. Iron deficiency is a major health problem for humans around the world.

There are two distinct iron uptake systems based on the response of plants to Fe deficiency, Strategy I and Strategy II. Strategy I plants include all dicots and non-graminaceous monocots. Strategy II plants are limited to graminaceous monocots. These plants release mugineic acid (MA) family phytosiderophores to the rhizosphere, where they solubilise sparingly soluble iron by chelation. The chelated complex is then absorbed by the roots. The transporters involved in Fe uptake are (i) IRTs of ZIP family, (ii) Nramps, (iii) ABC transporter, (iv) H+-ATPase and (v) the YSL transporters.


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