Biologicals in Uveitis

  • Bianka Sobolewska
  • Deshka Doycheva
  • Christoph Deuter
  • Manfred Zierhut


Biologicals are substances produced from living organisms such as recombinant proteins or antibodies, which target cytokines or cell surface receptors resulting in suppression of specific immune effectors potentially leading to ocular inflammatory diseases [45]. There are different classes of biologic agents, including anti-TNF agents, interferon, anti-IL agents, anti B-cell agents, and agents against specific cell surface antigens. All of these biologicals are used off-label in the treatment of ocular diseases. However, indications for considering treatment with biologic agents are primary inflammatory eye diseases refractory to corticosteroids and conventional immunosuppressive drugs. This chapter will bring an update for knowledge about the use of the biologic agents in the treatment of uveitis.


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