Flower Arrangement Toward Value Addition

  • S. Das
  • T. Mandal
  • S. Sultana


Flower arrangement is the art of using flowers and plant materials to create a pleasing and balanced composition. Professionally designed flower arrangements incorporate the elements (line, form, space, texture, and color) and the principles of flower arrangement (balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony, and unity). There are two main styles of flower arrangement: Western style and ikebana/Japanese style. Ikebana incorporates the three main line placements of heaven, man, and earth. In contrast, the Western style emphasizes color and variety of botanical materials not limited to just blooming flowers, in mass gatherings of multiple flowers, and is characterized by symmetrical, asymmetrical, horizontal, and vertical style of arrangements. Three general styles – line arrangements, mass arrangements, and line-mass arrangements – are in use today. There is no end to the many possible variations of the three basic styles of flower arranging. The designer can use their own imagination to create new arrangements that will express their ideas and personality.


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