Future Directions

  • A. B. Sharangi
  • S. K. Acharya


The future directions of the value addition process must have a spillover effect from its present and past performances, structural and functional. The transformation of peasantry into farming and farming into farm enterprise has got unique sequels and can be configured as a genology of agrarian transformation in the world. The feudal agrarian production system promotes peasantry where the peasants were offered with hungers and the productions were robed off. A farm is a consolidated mass of lands which caters a unit of farm production and capable of generating marketable and marketed surplus. The growth of farming has got a congenital pattern along with the growth in industry and entrepreneurship. Farming to entrepreneurship is basically the process of transformation, very simply production to product, and of course through value addition. So value addition is the catalytic component in bringing products from farms to the doorsteps of households, in the form and with the taste the potential consumers demand the best. This chapter describes the new-age value addition and addresses the future value addition and quality issues in the light of new economic policy, future trading and climate change issues.


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