Combination of CT Scan and Radioimmunoscintigraphy in Diagnosis and Prognosis of Colorectal Cancer

  • Sutapa Biswas Majee
  • Narayan Chandra Majee
  • Gopa Roy Biswas
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Staging of colorectal cancer constitutes an important part of its diagnosis and prognosis. However, both invasive and non-invasive techniques prevail with their own advantages and disadvantages. The present review focuses on the existence of complementarity between the information obtained from computerized tomography and radioimmunoscintigraphy in the study of hepatic and extra-hepatic lesions of significance and relevant to colorectal cancer. The latter technique utilizes different monoclonal antibodies which are tagged with radioisotopes and imaging done by gamma-camera. For complete diagnosis of recurrent carcinoma or metastases, knowledge form both the pre-surgical procedures is an absolute necessity to choose the correct therapeutic modality.


Colorectal Cancer Single Photon Emission Computerize Tomography Antibody Fragment Computerize Tomography Colonography Recurrent Carcinoma 


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