Technology Diffusion: The Case of Cloud Computing in India

  • Ajith Kumar Vasudevan
  • Anand Kumar
  • R. K. Mittal


The Year 2008 World Bank Report on Global Economic Perspectives points to the fact that technology is a critical determinant to sustainable growth and poverty reduction and this implies that diffusion of the right technology can lead to economic prosperity for a country. Cloud Computing technology has the potential for organizations and individuals. However history is proof to the fact that diffusion of any technology cannot be left to natural forces alone. Cloud Computing Technology is a combinatorial of Internet, telecommunication and software technologies. This chapter derives a model for Cloud Computing Technology diffusion based on existing theories of technology diffusion, classic model of technology diffusion and model of Internet technology diffusion. Two parameters of the proposed model having profound impact in the Indian environment, i.e., government policy and infrastructure are examined in greater detail. An evolutionary digital infrastructure model leveraging existing and future infrastructure is proposed. This chapter also presents a business model for effective diffusion of the technology, which would support farmers: provide rural services, e-governance services, e-banking services and a variety of other services.


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  • Anand Kumar
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  • R. K. Mittal
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