Policy Reform and Governance in Philippine Health Regulatory System

  • Maria Clarisa R. Sia
  • Oscar P. Ferrer


Policy research and analysis dictates that in every decision to be made, good government principles have to be considered for efficient and effective operations and practices. Likewise, human rights–based approach to development and governance is one of the recommended perspectives in policy development and advocacy at all levels of the institutional structure. In the Philippines, several attempts are made to link policy and governance perspective in developing the national and local development plans. Indicators of performance measurements in development programming are periodically reviewed for reforms. One of the institutions that can be cited is the Department of Health (DOH), where, in this chapter, our analysis will illustrate the types and nature of policies issued and the governance principles adopted in the system implementation. Particularly, the discussion will include the hospital regulatory system of licensing involving three major stakeholders, i.e., the central and regional offices and the regulated hospital industry, both government and private hospitals. In the case of DOH, this chapter will also explore and discuss the policy agenda on hospital regulatory procedures and system of licensing the hospitals, its implementation mechanisms and evaluation of the practices and processes adopted to attain social development particularly in the health sector.


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  2. 2.College of Social Work and Community DevelopmentUniversity of the PhilippinesBaguioThe Philippines

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