Molecular Microbial Diversity

  • Surajit Das
  • Hirak Ranjan Dash


Plasmids are small circular extra-chromosomal DNA molecules, which are capable of replicating independently in the genome. In order to understand the molecular epidemiology of the resistant plasmids, its analysis has become a major issue for their role in spreading of antibiotic and metal resistance genes. However, the major constraints in understanding plasmid epidemiology are the diversity and dynamic nature of these plasmids. Plasmid’s replication system that dictates its behaviour, i.e. hostage and copy number is the major plasmid land mark from biologic stand point. Number of plasmid copies plays a critical role in imparting various characteristics to the host organism. Plasmid profile analysis is highly useful technique to serological studies of pathogenic bacteria for identification of specific serotypes with specific reference pattern to detect certain strains with possible variation in plasmid content.


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