Lactational Infections

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Mastitis is inflammation of the breast. Lactation-associated infections are the commonest infections in the breast. A cracked nipple allows normal skin bacteria, usually staph aureus, to ascend into the ducts and the lobule. Poorly draining ducts or blind-ending ducts result in engorgement and collection of milk. This collection can get infected and cause mastitis and with progressive tissue necrosis can result in breast abscess. It occurs normally within 6–8 weeks following delivery. Patients often present with pain, swelling, and redness along with fever and chills. There may be a tender, palpable lump with stretched, discolored, shiny skin. The abscess starts to point and with skin necrosis the pus is discharged. Staph aureus is the commonest organism. Occasionally, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus may be the cause for the infection.


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